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France, Germany, Japan In Running For Australian Submarine Deal - Yahoo News

He added that he expected significant work to be undertaken in Australia during the build phase. There are concerns the domestic ship-building industry would be fatally hurt my company by Canberra choosing off-the-shelf submarines from Japan or another international supplier. Andrews said the competitive evaluation process was expected to take 10 months, after which one international partner would be chosen. "The process... provides a pathway for Australian industry to maximise its involvement in the programme, whilst not compromising capability, cost, programme schedule or risk," he added. Besides matching the range and endurance of the Collins Class, the new generation of subs are expected to offer superior sensor performance and stealth characteristics. The government's preferred combat system and main armament is the heavyweight torpedo jointly developed between the United States and Australia. Prime Minister Tony Abbott said while China and Russia had source expertise in the design and construction of submarines, Canberra did not usually choose to partner with those countries in military matters.
More: http://news.yahoo.com/france-germany-japan-running-australian-submarine-deal-031225708.html

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